Charlotte Dean

Charlotte is a knitwear designer who has been running her own business for the last 20 years. She produces a range of personalised knitted gifts for children and babies: www.charlottecotblankets.com.

Charlotte has a degree in Fashion & Textiles from Liverpool Art College.

This stimulating project has enabled Charlotte to use her crafting skills , experimenting with different materials to discover new approaches to recycling. She has successfully shared these ideas with local community groups. She is inspired by the upcycling potential of the materials that might normally be considered rubbish.

Joanne Robinson

Joanne is an author and editor working alongside Charlotte on this project. She has written extensively on ancient and modern religions and, in particular, on the environmental beliefs and practices found in religious and cultural traditions.

She has worked on community-based environmental programmes in Europe and East Asia, linking together religious groups, NGOs and government bodies, focusing on the sustainable management of natural resources.

Joanne has been an enthusiastic amateur sewer (and mender) from an early age.


The images on the website were taken by Barbara Laws who is a professional photographer specialising in documentary images. She has spent more than twenty years working for a well-known photo library in addition to producing commissioned work.

She has recently travelled widely in Eastern Europe to develop personal projects for an exhibition.

Additional Photography was by Fay Mummery


The website was developed by Paul McAlenan. He is experienced in HTML, PHP, CSS and jQuery/JS. The website uses the WordPress platform and is a customised TwentyFouteen theme.

Additional image editing was done by Paul using GIMP.

Paul created Charlotte’s business website.

Thanks to Catriona & Florence for roadtesting the decorations!

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