Autumn Flowers

Drinks can sunflower tea light  (Small)
‘This is the most difficult activity in the book and would only be suitable for older children. It is worth the time and effort’

Materials: 3 drinks cans, gold and silver sewing thread, mother of pearl buttons, pearl or gold beads.

Equipment: craft knife, craft scissors, sharp large needle, single hole punch, tracing wheel, stapler, templates.

Level of skill      

60 minutes

1. Prepare 3 drinks cans – see Preparation of Materials.

2. Make templates numbers 1 and 2 – see Templates. Also make individual templates for the wild rose, the sunflower and the daisy – see Preparation of Materials.


3. Place template 1 on the reverse side of the drinks can. Place template 2 on the reverse side of the second drinks can.


4. Draw around the templates, cut them out carefully. Keep close to the lines. You will need the leftover pieces of aluminium to cut out the wild rose, daisy and sunflower.


5. Place the two daisy individual flower templates and one sunflower on the third drinks can. Place the wild rose template and sunflower template on the left over pieces. Cut out.


6. Stick the two daisy halves together from templates 1 and 2 to form a base on which to stick the individual flowers.


7. Place the template of the wild rose on top of the rose you have cut out of the drinks can . Using the tracing wheel draw along the lines on the template. Press hard to produce little pinprick indents in the metal. In the centre, sew on a button.


8. Using the tracing wheel draw along the lines of the template. Press hard to produce little pinprick indents in the metal. To make holes in the centre of the sunflower use a large sharp needle. Embroider a back stitch around the centre using the pricked holes as a guide.


9. To make the lines on the daisy use the template as a guide and the tracing wheel. To make the holes at the end of alternate lines in the daisy use the single hole punch. Sew a bead over the hole using a back stitch.


10. Stick on the flowers using a sticky block, or stapler or sew them on.


11. Staple the two ends together to make a circle.

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