Christmas Tree

20141102-IMG_0264 (Small)
‘When it catches the light the Christmas tree turns gold’

Materials: quiche/pie tin, sticky blocks, clear sticky tape, fancy Christmas ribbon or cord.

Equipment: craft scissors, templates, cutting board, hole punch, ballpoint pen.

Level of skill  

30 minutes

1. Prepare two quiche/pie tins as for reindeer.


2. Place Christmas tree template on the quiche/pie circular base of the tin. It should fit perfectly within the tin. Draw round the outline of the template in ballpoint pen and cut out using craft scissors. Repeat instructions 1-3. You will have two identical Christmas trees.


3. Fold the Christmas tree in half and press hard with finger tips on crease.


4. Repeat for other tree, but the other way round.


5. Place the top of the trees together and punch a hold through both. Thread a fancy ribbon through.

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