Coffee Bag Advent Calendar

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‘A lovely activity to make in groups, each child could each make one advent bag. If you have a sewing machine you can sew on the numbers and the sides of the bags’

Materials: six fresh coffee bags, 12 safety pins, 3 metal coat hangers, glue.

Equipment: ballpoint pen, stapler, craft scissors, templates for large numbers and small numbers, and a template for the bag.

Level of skill    

60 minutes

1. Rinse out coffee bag, cut open and lay out flat. Fold in half. Make templates for the numbers and for the bags that go with them. See Templates.


2. Lay the bottom of the template on the fold of the coffee bag.


3. Draw and then cut round the template. Do this twice; you will have two bags.

4. Repeat six times to make twelve bags.


5. Use the left over scraps of coffee bags to cut out the numbers. Use the large number templates to cut numbers from 1-12 and the smaller to cut 13-24.


6. Open out the advent bags.  Stick the larger numbers facing upwards and the smaller numbers upside down. The sequence of the numbers is 1-13/ 2-14/ 3-15/ 4-16-/5-17/ 6-18/ 7-19/ 8-20/ 9-21/ 10-22/ 11-23/ 12-24.


7. Staple the sides of the bags together.


8. Use the safety pin to attach the bags to the hangers.

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