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Plastic bottle and ring pull decoration (Medium)
‘Remember to keep hold of those drinks can ring pulls and green and blue plastic bottles’

Materials: blue and green plastic drinks bottles, crinkled sides of quiche/pie case, 10 ring pulls from drinks cans, thin silver wire/cord, sticky clear tape, thin silver /gold thread.

Equipment: craft knife, craft scissors, cutting board.

Level of skill  

30 minutes

1. To prepare plastic bottle see preparation of materials.


2. On the flattened body of the drinks bottle, using a ballpoint pen draw vertical lines 1cm apart. Cut along the line using craft scissors.


3. To make the plastic bead, roll a plastic strip around a pencil. Fasten the end with clear sticky tape then tie with gold or silver thread Repeat  ten times making five blue beads and five green beads.


4. Cut off the crinkled sides from a quiche /pie case. Cut pieces roughly 3cm square, fold in half then in quarter. Punch a hole in the center of the folded square of metal. Repeat for each square.

5. Take ten ring pulls from drinks cans.


6. Thread the plastic beads, metal squares, and ring pulls onto a piece of wire about 10-15cm long.  Alternate the beads, squares and ring pulls as you thread them along the wire. When you have finished threading, cut the wire and fasten by twisting the two ends together.

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