My Little Tin Star

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‘A tracing wheel is usually used in dressmaking, and haberdashery departments sell them’

Materials: drinks can, plastic coloured drinks bottle, fancy Christmas ribbon.

Equipment: craft knife, craft scissors, small star template, cutting board, hole punch, ballpoint pen ,tracing wheel.

Level of skill  

30 minutes minutes

1. Prepare drinks can – see preparation of materials.

2. Prepare plastic bottle –  see preparation of materials.

3. Using a cardboard cereal box make a small star template – see preparation of materials.


4. Place template on the reverse side of flattened drinks can. Hold the template steady with your hand and draw around the template with a ballpoint pen. Cut out roughly then carefully cut around the outline of the star.


5. Place the template back on the star. Trace the line 5mm from the edge of the star with a tracing wheel. Press hard enough for the tracing wheel dents to appear on aluminium star. This will help flatten the star as well as being decorative.


6. Punch a single hole at each point of the star inside the traced dents.


7. Lay the star template on the flattened plastic, draw round with a ballpoint pen. Cut out roughly and then cut carefully round the outline.


8. Punch a hole in the top point to correspond with the hole in the tin star. Thread fancy ribbon through both holes joining the stars together.

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