christmas cards & a rubbish party

17 December 2014

At the weekend I made all of my Christmas cards which I decorated with Oakey Doakey silver oak leaves.


This Saturday I’m having a party and I’m going to decorate the house using only rubbish!


There will be Tinsilly coffee bag tinsel up the bannister and an All Stars Garland made out of smoked  salmon trays on the mantelpiece.


I will have to get busy making decorations for my two Christmas trees, one made of twigs the other out of old fence posts.



16 December 2014

Hello and welcome to Rubbish Christmas!

You’re probably really busy now, trying to juggle shopping, writing cards and putting up the Christmas tree. But it’s not too late to enjoy some creative time with our quick, easy and inspirational upcycling ideas for decorations, cards, wreaths and candle holders.

They are fun to make with children and each one will be original and special because you have made these yourself.

There is a little magic in transforming a drinks can into a star or a green plastic bottle and quiche case into a hanging pendant – so have a go now!