Oakey Doakey

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‘You can hang this on a tree or wrap around a jar’

Materials: drinks can, gold thread, silver thread, thin gold ribbon, small gold beads, oak leaf templates, pretty jam jar.

Equipment: single hole punch, tracing wheel, craft scissors, craft knife, thick tapestry needle, black/blue ballpoint pen.

Level of skill    

60 minutes

1. Prepare two drinks cans –  see preparation of materials.

2. Using a cardboard cereal box make six oak leaf templates – see templates.


3. Lay the oak leafs diagonally on the flattened drinks can. They should fit perfectly. Hold the template steady with your hand using the pen draw round the template. Repeat for each template.


4. Cut roughly around the outline of the oak leaf then cut carefully round the drawn outline.


5. Lay your card oak leaf template, on top of the aluminium oak leaf. Trace the veins with a tracing wheel. Press it hard enough for dents to appear on the tin oak leaf.


6. Using the tapestry needle, prick a hole through the aluminium  leaf at every other dent. Punch a hole at the top of the leaf.


7. Thread the needle with gold thread stitch along the veins using a back stitch. You can embellish this with beads between the stitches, with silver thread or with a more ornate thread.

8. Follow steps 4-7 for the other five oak leaves.


9. Thread gold ribbon through the punched hole at the top of each oak leaf. Then tie a loop after threading the ribbon through the hole.

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