Picture Perfect Patchwork

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‘Keep your old Christmas cards, you are going to need them. These cards are fun with groups of children working together’

Materials: selection of old Christmas cards, pack of blank coloured cards, glue.

Equipment: craft scissors, ruler, pencil, Circle and Christmas Tree templates.

Level of skill    

30 minutes

1. Take four very different used Christmas cards and remove the back.

2. On the reverse side of the front of the used cards measure 2” squares. Do this for each of the four cards. Cut out the squares.


3. Put the squares for each card in separate piles.

4. Stick the squares in sequence on the inside of a blank card to produce a patchwork quilt effect.


5. Place the Circle or Christmas Tree template on the front of the card. Draw around it, and cut out using craft scissors.

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Template for Picture Perfect Patchwork

1. Place the template of a circle or triangle on the front of the card. Draw round the template. You could use the triangle template twice to make a star.

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2. Lightly fold the card in half. Cut a small snip at a point along the fold. Open the card out again and now you have a point where you can start to cut out your shape.

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