Pop Art Christmas Cards

20141104-IMG_0128 (Medium)
‘This is inspired by pop art of the 1960s’

Materials: used Christmas cards, pages from the Christmas edition of a lifestyle magazines, cereal packet, sticky blocks, glue, blank Christmas cards.

Equipment: craft scissors, pencils.

Level of skill  

30 minutes


1. Take a used Christmas card or picture from a magazine that has a picture of a Christmas scene that you like, for example, a snowy landscape or a room decorated for Christmas. Stick this onto a blank card.


2. Open out the cereal packet. Roughly cut out images of Christmas objects from used Christmas cards or magazines. Stick these onto the printed side of the cereal packet.


3. Cut around them carefully.


4. Use the sticky blocks to stick the objects onto the scene. To get the Pop Art look ignore scale and logic.

20141103-IMG_0068 (Medium)


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