Drinks Can


1. Rinse out the can thoroughly. Hold the centre of the can in your left hand, pierce a hole in the can using a craft knife.


2. Then cut off the bottom using craft scissors.


3. Using the craft scissor, cut up the can lengthways all the way to the top, using the printing on the can as a guide to keep a straight line.


4. Cut off the top of the can (keep the ring pull for decorations). Recycle the top and bottom of the drinks can.


5. Straighten the sides of the can by cutting off any sharp edges. Roll the can (with printed side inwards) to flatten the piece of aluminium.

Plastic Drinks Bottle


1. Rinse out the bottle and take off the label. Hold the plastic bottle in the centre, pierce a hole in the bottle using a knife then using craft scissors cut off the bottom of the bottle.


2. Cut up the main body of the bottle using the join as a guide for cutting a straight line. Cut off the neck of the bottle


3. Straighten the sides of the bottle by cutting off any sharp edges. Take the main body of the bottle and flatten rolling in the reverse direction.

 Aluminium Quiche Tin

20141103-IMG_0005 (Small)

1. Cut off the crinkled sides of the bottle by cutting down to the base at regular intervals of 4cms. Flatten and cut off.

20141103-IMG_0008 (Small)

2. Using your hands smooth out the flat base of the case.

Smoked Salmon Tray

Wipe the salmon tray with a damp cloth. Do not immerse in water.

Making a Template

1. See templates.

2. Photocopy the relevant template.

3. Stick the photocopy onto an opened out flat cereal packet.

4. Cut out the template roughly, then carefully cut around the drawn outline.