Pretty Jelly Fish

Plastic bottle bottom window decorations (Large)
‘Whoever would have thought the bottom of plastic bottles could look so great’

Materials: green and blue plastic bottle bottoms, plastic bottle beads, quiche /pie case beads, thin silver wire or cord.

Equipment: craft knife, single hole punch, cutting board, iron, and cloth to protect the iron.

Level of skill  

30 minutes


1. Hold the plastic bottle on the cutting board. Using the craft knife cut off the bottom of the bottle. To make the bauble use one larger bottle and the other smaller, so that the smaller can fit inside the larger. Use different coloured bottles .


2. Punch a hole at the top edge of the plastic bottle, close to the outer edge, and another hole directly below it. ( These holes will be used to thread through the silver wire/cord that will be used to hang the bauble)


3. Turn the iron on and place the cloth over the decoration (with the cut edge of the bottle facing up). Lay the iron on top of the cloth and leave for 10-20 seconds until you feel the plastic edges folding in to encase the smaller bottle.


4. Repeat steps 1-3 to make as many baubles as you like. Thread them together with the silver wire/cord. You can thread plastic bottle beads and quiche/pie small squares in between the baubles (see Lovely Jubbly decorations for instructions on how to make beads and squares)

20141103-IMG_0037 (Small)

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