Rip Torn Gift Tags

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‘Have a ripping time’

Materials: cereal packet, Christmas magazines, glue, fancy Christmas ribbon or cord.

Equipment: craft scissors, templates, hole punch, ballpoint pen or pencil.

Level of skill  

15 minutes

1. Open out cereal packet so that it is flat.


2. Take pages of contrasting colours and images from Christmas edition lifestyle magazines. Tear the pages into approximately 2.2cm strips. Stick the torn strips onto the printed side of the open cereal packet.


3. On the reverse side draw round the templates of the Reindeer, Christmas Tree and Robin. See preparation of templates.


4. Cut out roughly around the templates, and then cut carefully around them. Mark where you are going to punch the hole for the fancy Christmas ribbon or cord.


5. Punch a hole in the gift tags and thread the fancy Christmas ribbon or cord.

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