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‘Not just for the Christmas tree, tie it around a plant pot or hang from a wreath’

Materials: quiche/pie case, sticky blocks, clear sticky tape, fancy Christmas ribbon or cord.

Equipment: craft scissors, template, cutting board, hole punch, ballpoint pen.

Level of skill  

15 minutes

1. Prepare quiche/pie tin – see preparation of materials. Be careful not to cut the case too small. Prepare reindeer template – see preparation of materials.

2. Place the robin template on the prepared quiche/pie tin twice. It should fit perfectly.


3. Draw around the outline of the template and cut out two robins from the pie case.


4. Stick the sticky blocks on the body of the first robin, then stick the second robin on top. You will now have a 3D robin.


5. Punch a hole through the top of the robin. Also punch a hole for the eye.


6. Thread the fancy Christmas ribbon through.

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